2008 EMAN National Science Meeting

The next National Science Meeting will be held on April 28, 2008 to May 3, 2008 at the Chateau Cartier Resort in Gatineau, Québec. More details and the call for papers will be available in the Fall of 2007. For information or questions please contact eman@ec.gc.ca or (905) 336 4414.

Summaries of Past Meetings

Note: For upcoming meetings see Conferences

EMAN National Science Meetings:November 2006
EMAN National Science Meeting 2006November 2005
EMAN National Science Meeting 2005November 2004
EMAN National Science Meeting 2004November 2003
EMAN National Science Meeting 2003April 2002
EMAN National Science Meeting 2002May 2001
EMAN National Science Meeting 2001January 2000
EMAN National Science Meeting 2000January 1998
EMAN Report on the Fourth National Science MeetingSeptember 1997
EMAN Report on the Third National Science Meeting
Other EMAN sponsored workshops and meetings:February 2006
Coordinating Nearshore Marine Monitoring WorkshopJune 2004
The Community-Based Environmental Monitoring Network First Annual Environmental Monitoring WorkshopSeptember 1998
Mercury in Eastern Canada and the Northeast States – Preliminary Agenda and AbstractsMarch 1998
Wolf Creek Research Basin Planning Workshop, Whitehorse, YukonDecember 1997
EMAN-NWT MeetingAugust 1997
Birchmount ’97: A School and Community Workshop on Ecological Monitoring and Biodiversity Mapping, Part 2 – Tracking Progress and Expanding ScopeNovember 1996
Report on theworkshop to establish the Prairies Ecological Science CooperativeSummary of mercury meeting held in St. Andrews, New Brunswick on September 20, 1996 during the 1996 Gulf of Maine science symposium.August 1996
Report On Boyne 96June 1996
Report of 1996 Yoho National Park Biodiversity Protocols CourseNovember 1995
Summary of Mixedwood Plains Ecozone Conference, London, Ont.October 1995
Training Courses for Establishing SI/MAB Permanent Forest PlotsSeptember 1995
Mercury Monitoring in Canada Workshop – Toronto, Ontario, Canada1st North American Workshop on Monitoring for Ecological Assessment of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems Texcoco, MexicoJuly 1995
Atmospheric Change in Canada: Assessing the Whole as well as the Parts Summary Report of a Workshop – R.E.Munn, EditorJune 1995
Workshop on Use of Remote Sensing for Ecological Monitoring in Canada – Saskatchewan, Canada