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An interactive forum has been created by the Community Mapping Network to facilitate discussion among nearshore marine monitoring groups. This bulletin board style forum allows users to share information about coastal monitoring concerns, highlight new information, post and answer questions, etc. It is geared toward those interested in creating a vibrant and sustainable coastal marine monitoring net work in Canada . To join the forum, click here.

Coastal News

Managing Coastal and Ocean Areas in Newfoundland and Labrador 
Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the NL Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture will work together to assess coastal and oceans issues, with the assessment providing a key part of the new Provincial Oceans Policy framework and strategic plan. The project is an issues scan of specific coastal and oceans areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and will contribute to the development of a final provincial strategy to be released in 2008.

Using Metadata Standards to Achieve Data Interoperability
In June 2006, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography hosted a workshop on Using Metadata Standards to Achieve Data Interoperability for Integrated and Ecosystem-Based Management. The Workshop was organized into three sessions on metadata: Relevance and Application; Discovery and Interoperability; and Authority and Accessibility.

Puget Sound Georgia Basin Ecosystem Indicators 2007

Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment Action Plan 2007-2012

Canada’s Newest Marine Protected Area
The Musquash Estuary is the first MPA designated under Canada’s Oceans Act in New Brunswick. The Estuary remains an area of high biological productivity with a variety of coastal habitats. Studies have identified it as one of the last ecologically intact estuaries in the Bay of Fundy region. There are now six MPAs throughout Canada.

British Columbia’s Coastal Environment: 2006

Coastal Activities in Atlantic Canada
A report of current coastal activities in Atlantic Canada is available. The report is the Roundtable portion of the ACZISC Meeting held in September 2006 in Charlottetown, PEI.

Marine Ecosystem Conservation for New England and Maritime Canada
This report, entitled Marine Ecosystem Conservation for New England and Maritime Canada: A Science-Based Approach to Identifying Priority Areas for Conservation, presents a pragmatic, science-based method for identifying a network of conservation areas within the historic waters off New England and Nova Scotia. It is the culmination of a six year collaboration that drew on the expertise of over 60 scientists from the US and Canada.

Smith, Jennifer L., Kaaren Lewis et Joshua Laughren. A Policy and Planning Framework for Marine Protected Area Networks in Canada’s Oceans, Halifax, WWF-Canada, 2006, 105 p.

Impacts of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on the Coastal Zone of Southeastern New Brunswick

2006 Public Consultations Report for the Environmental Risk Assessment Study of the South Coast of Newfoundland

Implications of Ecosystem Dynamics for the Integrated Management of the Eastern Scotian Shelf

Climate Change Task Force of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment (GOMC). 2006. Cross Border Indicators of Climate Change over the Past Century: Northeastern United States and Canadian Maritime Region.
This report describes the current state of knowledge and the most commonly used data for understanding climate changes in the Gulf of Maine watershed.

The Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability has produced an annotated bibliography of Coastal Erosion research studies conducted in Atlantic Canada and Gaspésie, Québec.

Coastal Manager Toolkit

Nearshore Marine Ecological Monitoring Workshop. Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Halifax, NS, February 7-9, 2006

Aquatic Monitoring in Canada: A Report from the DFO Science Monitoring Implementation Team

Visit the “What’s New” page of the ACZISC Secretariat.

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Data and Mapping Resources

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  • Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnership
  • Gulf of Maine Mapping Portal
  • Community Mapping Network 
  • British Columbia Coastal Resource Information System
  • COINPacific Web Mapping Application
  • CoastWeb
  • Also visit the GeoSpatial Tools section of the EMAN website


  • Ecosystem Based Management Tools Network
  • CoastWeb
  • Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee
  • A website to promote communication and collaboration among citizen scientists and community based monitoring groups.
  • Oceans Management Research Network
  • C-CIARN Coastal Zone Sector
  • Coastal Connections: A newsletter of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center focusing on a tool, information resource, or methodology of interest to coastal resource managers.