Data sought for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Research Inventory


The International Joint Commission (IJC) is inviting Great Lakes researchers to submit or update information on their projects for the online Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Research Inventory. The Inventory depends for the most part on voluntary participation from scientists and agencies willing to share some time and information in a spirit of collaboration serving the best interests of the Great Lakes ecosystem. With information on approximately 1,200 projects, 1,000 principal investigators and 300 funding organizations, the database represents a valuable information resource for Great Lakes researchers, managers and policymakers. Originally developed to help the IJC assess how research activities support the goals of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the Research Inventory recently created direct links and data sharing agreements with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, the U.S./Canada Great Lakes Monitoring Exchange and the Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network. This move towards a more widely distributed network will continue to make this important tool available to a growing number of users. The Research Inventory is available online at Contact: Mark Burrows, International Joint Commission – Great Lakes Regional Office,